Our New Website

Hey, You Just Landed on Our New Website

We’re sure you noticed that Technopolis.fi has seen an update. That is because for the past year and half we have been neck-deep in the website development project and we are super-proud to present this site for you.

Why should you care? The main thing about the site is providing measureable added value for you, the user. We have simplified the site structure, improved layouts and added lots of interesting material for you to consume.

Is the site finished? Using Mark Zuckerberg’s words, the site is never finished. Starting from the launch, we have been analyzing user data from analytics and compared it to our hypothesis. Based on actual results, we will continue fine-tuning the site and making it better.

Our key goals for launching the site renewal project in the summer of 2014 were:

  • Better discoverability on Google
  • Logical site structure and enjoyable content
  • Value-added conversion points

Whether we met these goals will be decided by you and the analytics so it’s too early to tell. But we think we hit very close to the target.

This project would not have been possible without our excellent subcontractors. As you can see, there are no big-name companies on the list (besides maybe Valve). That is because we didn’t weren’t after prominence; instead, we wanted competence at a reasonable cost. And that’s why we picked these awesome companies:

  • Byroo, the lead web developer, who treated us as humans
  • Goland, maintains our vacant office space on the website
  • Don & Branco, the SEO and web analytics experts
  • SkyProduction, the best aerial video producing company
  • Valve, outsourced project manager that took the ball mid project and finished with a dunk
  • Investis, investor chart provider
  • Able Design, external user testing

We really hope to hear from you and share your feedback. You can contact us via email and all our social media channels.


Technopolis Marketing