Technopolis Boosts Coworking Chain

Technopolis Boosts Coworking Chain – UMA Workspace Opens in Downtown Helsinki

Technopolis is expanding its network of coworking spaces dubbed UMA by Technopolis. The unique new workspace UMA Esplanadi will be in one of the best locations in downtown Helsinki on the third floor of the Stockmann’s Book Building. UMA Esplanadi opens on May 2, 2016.

Embracing Change

There are approximately 1,700 companies and 47,000 people working on Technopolis campuses. This has put Technopolis in pole position to pick up on the big changes coming to working life. Technology has enabled people to work wherever, whenever, and to choose the right balance of working alone and working together. The amount of freelancers and small businesses is rapidly increasing, while larger companies are exploring opportunities to exploit growing workplace mobility.

“We sensed these changes years ago”, says Keith Silverang, CEO of Technopolis. “And we opened our first coworking space already in 2010. UMA is designed to provide secure access to shared space and services that enable our customers to work efficiently outside their private spaces in the heart of Helsinki,” says Silverang.

The Flagship of Shared Working Life

The opening of the new flagship facility UMA Esplanadi in Helsinki will increase Technopolis’ coworking spaces to 14 in total, which makes the company one of the largest providers of coworking spaces in the Nordic countries. The other UMAs are located in existing Technopolis campuses. The new venture in Helsinki was created in cooperation with Elisa and Martela.

UMA Esplanadi is a professional working environment for businesses of all sizes. It offers workstations for a hundred people at a time, providing desks, meeting rooms, a brainstorming area and a zone for events. The UMA Esplanadi has three main work areas: a coffee corner for team work; desks for independent work and small offices. A host will be helping customers with their daily needs and will organize events and networking activities. With a single fee customers can use any UMA anywhere within the Technopolis network in 11 cities across four countries.

“UMA Esplanadi has been created in close cooperation with our customers. We are not just offering an office in the heart of Helsinki. We are offering a community where people from different fields can benefit from a super-cool, shared facility, high-quality services and each other. The unique history and status of the building, along with Technopolis’ tailored service concept, will make UMA Esplanadi a high-energy working environment”, says Terhi Aho, Concept Manager at Technopolis.

Stockmann feels that UMA will be an excellent fit with its philosophy. “We are always looking for cooperation that supports Stockmann’s quality offering and long-term strategy. Technopolis does justice to the building designed by Alvar Aalto and we’re sure that UMA will benefit our clientele too,” says Seppo Oksanen, Director of Commercial Operations at Stockmann Real Estate.

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