Technopolis and DriveClass Jointly Arrange Business Breakfast for Car Drivers

Saint-Petersburg. Another Business Breakfast was hosted at Technopolis Pulkovo. This time, the technopark residents met the legend of the Russian motorsports Ilona Nakutis. Champion and prize winner of the USSR and Russian Rally and the European Championship, now the head of DriveClass, the driver training center, Ilona Nakutis told the audience about the modern methods of driver training, cautious road behavior and anti-emergency driving; besides, she explained how operating costs of a company may be reduced by lowering the driving and car crash expenses.


Technopolis Business Breakfast is a two-hour morning meeting for business early birds. Apart from breakfast itself, it includes speakers’ presentations on current topics and serves the establishment of business contacts. Technopolis Business Breakfast welcomes companies of any business sector and their partners, and offers free participation. Every year around 50 events of this kind take place in Russia, Finland, Lithuania, Norway and Estonia.


On April 19, Ilona Nakutis – master of sports, prize winner and training author for professional drivers and motorists – began her speech by telling the audience about the beginning of her professional life in motorsports. She shared her vision of the classic rally as the art of driving on any road in all conditions, and completing the route no matter what. Then, she reminisced the beginning of her teaching career (Ilona Nakutis has been teaching anti-emergency driving since 1997), and finally the founding of DriveClass in early 2000s and its becoming a unique training center. To learn the finer points of driving from books and videos is unacceptable and even dangerous, insists Ms. Nakutis. It is crucially important to have a professional coach who will help you master your skills, especially at the final stage.


Today DriveClass offers several training sessions for beginners and professional car drivers, including Anti-emergency Training, Secure Driving, Driving School for Teens, Parking Class, etc. Furthermore, DriveClass provides services for corporate clients. Ever wondered about the benefits of the companies where drivers have mastered security control on the road and learned to protect and maintain the entrusted vehicles and goods? The driving risks for them decreased by 80%, the number of accidents – by 70%, fuel consumption – by 5-10%. Besides, you can say goodbye to the immense car accident costs (time and productivity loss, increased insurance premiums, damaged goods, decreased residual value of the vehicle, and finally the falling of employee morale and loyalty.


The guests of the Breakfast eagerly participated in the discussion, answering the moderator’s questions and asking about the DriveClass programs. “Very good atmosphere for dialogue in this European-style, friendly business center” – says Ilona Nakutis.


According to Ms. Nakutis, the partnership between Technopolis and DriveClass started after the DriveClass anti-emergency and safe driving course for Schneider Electric, one of the Technopolis Pulkovo residents. Now Technopolis is considering the possibility of hosting extreme and safe driving courses for its own team-building.


“When we first met with Ilona and learned about her methods, which she so generously shares with others, we immediately decided to present DriveClass to wider audience, – says Elena Afinogenova, the General Director of Technopolis St. Petersburg. – The topic is vital: after all, we all risk our own safety on the roads every day. Road crash statistics shows that the accident rate is four times higher than with air travel. To introduce DriveClass to our residents means to help them become more secure, feel more confident. Our motto is “If you give – give the best”. We hope that the Business Breakfast with Ilona Nakutis was a very good present for everyone!”

About Technopolis

Technopolis Group of Companies (founded in 1982) is one of the largest operators of commercial real estate in the Baltic States and Scandinavia. The company specializes in leasing of office spaces with high-tech infrastructure. Today Technopolis has 20 campuses in 5 countries – Finland, Norway, Russia, Estonia and Lithuania. Currently the company serves around 1.700 organizations with their 47.000 employees. Technopolis shares are traded on NASDAQ OMX Exchange in Helsinki. In Russia, the company operates through its subsidiary under the name of Technopolis St. Petersburg LLC. Technopolis Pulkovo technopark in St.Petersburg hosts about 20 companies.

About DriveClass

DriveClass is operating since 2005 offering training courses for rescue and emergency drivers, VIP and special purpose drivers, as well as amateur drivers of any level. The coaching staff has been trained in the best European centers and has received international certification. All coaches use the advanced training techniques; the leading coaches are active race car drivers. An exclusive program is developed for each company, taking into account the customer’s objectives and level of driving skills. The economic benefit of drivers training has already been recognized by various major companies, including the Police of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region’s motor transport service, the Leningrad Region Government’s motor depot, Sberbank Northwest motor depot, Galernaya 5 Ltd., JSC «CSPA «Leninetz», Lentransgaz, Gazprom Neft, Gazprom Invest, Gazprom UGS and others.