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Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms in St.Petersburg

Due the coronavirus outbreak we can postpone your meetings with no charge. Please contact us regarding your reservations before cancelling them.

Technopolis Pulkovo offers 8 conference-halls with a capacity from 5 to 120 participants. On the 8th floor there is a premium panoramic hall. Sauna located there is one of the distinctive feature of Technopolis Pulkovo. We provide you with  a full service – from easy booking till organization of coffee-breaks and wide range of catering service.

Meeting Rooms

Exceptional Opening Hours:

We have changed our normal opening hours in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Location of meeting rooms

Conference-center is located on the first floor of the first building. A premium conference-room is on the eight floor of the second building. Sauna located there is one of the distinctive feature of Technopolis Pulkovo.

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