Networking at Technopolis

Technopolis connects people and companies. Step through our wide-open doors into our networking events and get to know your neighbors and us. Access valuable information and ideas every time you visit!

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Technopolis Business Breakfast™

Technopolis Business Breakfast™ is a two-hour morning event with a snappy concept. It combines networking, breakfast, expert keynotes on interesting and current topics illustrated by company cases. Organized at all Technopolis sites, morning events offer new ideas on best practices to entrepreneurs, managers and experts who are seeking new effective ways to grow business and enhance new processes within own companies. Technopolis Business Breakfast™ networking mornings are open events and free of charge for participants.

Technopolis Business Meetup

Technopolis Business Meetup events offer great opportunity to meet neighbor companies within one Technopolis site location and establish useful contacts with them.

Relaxed by atmosphere, these networking events are around one hour long where participating companies can present shortly within one minute pitch their business, themselves and what they are looking for. Events are open and free of charge for participants.

Technopolis Networking

We are always coming up with better ways to network. Technopolis Networking events can be anything from small gatherings to Nordic Business Forum Livestream and are often arranged with a partner. Networking is easy at our events!

Technopolis Community

Technopolis Community events are relaxed get together gatherings for customers within one Technopolis site location. The events are of various types like Christmas and summer parties, ice cream kiosk, theater, family day, movie, ice hockey, etc.

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